Terms and conditions: 1. Important to know
You can dispose of the camping site from 1 pm arrival day until 12 noon departure day and the cottage you can dispose of from 3 pm on the day of arrival until 12 noon departure day. Falsterbo Camping Resort is a family campsite with an age limit of 18 years. The age limit does not apply to families where at least one parent lives on the campsite. We reserve the right to change campsites up to and including week 8 due to the placement of our seasonal pitches. As a landlord, we, Falsterbo Resort AB, are obliged to ensure that you receive a written confirmation of your booking and that the cottage/campsite matches the description.

2. When will my booking become binding?
The booking becomes binding when you have received a confirmation from us.

3. When should I pay?
When booking online, the stay is paid directly by card payment. Bookings made via email or telephone the invoice will due within 20 days of booking. On arrival less than 20 days from the time of booking, the booking is paid the same day.

4. What if I don't pay on time?
If you do not pay your invoice on time, we will send a reminder invoice. This contains a reminder fee of 60: - and expires within 14 days from the print date.

5. Cancellation protection?
Our cancellation protection costs 250 SEK/vehicle.
If cancellation is made less than 2 weeks prior to arrival, everything except SEK 250 will be refunded and 20% of the accommodation cost, medical certificate is required.
If canceled earlier than 2 weeks prior to arrival, no medical certificate is required and then everything is refunded except 250 SEK and 20% of the accommodation cost.

All cancellations are made in writing to us via email.

6. What if I cancel and do not have cancellation cover?
If you cancel without cancellation cover, we will require the full rental fee.

7. What are my rights?
If we do not provide the cottage/camping site in the promised condition or at the right time and can not offer you an equivalent rental object, you have the right to terminate the agreement. We must then refund everything you have paid to us. Instead of terminating the agreement, you can request that we reduce the rent. If you have complaints, they should be communicated to us as soon as possible. Errors that occur during your stay, you should report immediately so that we can correct them.

8. What obligations do I have?
You must take good care of the cottage/campsite and follow the rules, instructions and regulations that apply. You are responsible for all damage caused to the property/site and its fixtures as a result of you or someone else in your company being careless. You may not use the cottage/campsite for anything other than what is agreed upon booking (usually for leisure purposes). You may also not transfer the cottage/campsite to anyone else or allow more people to stay in the cottage/campsite than you stated at the time of booking. You must clean the cabin properly before departure according to the cleaning instructions. If you ignore this, we will charge you a fee from SEK 800 (depending on the size of the cottage and the time it takes to clean the uncleaned cottage). Violation of the smoking ban/pets in the cottage entails a cleaning cost from SEK 4,000 for you as a tenant. You are responsible for returning all keys to your cabin/plot upon departure, otherwise you will be charged the cost of replacing the lock. The agreement will cease to have immediate effect if you or anyone in your company is disturbed or commits damage or if the cottage/plot is used for an unintended purpose. If the agreement expires due to the above-mentioned case, you and your company must move from the cottage/plot and you do not have the right to recover any part of the rental amount.

9. Safety distance
The distance between two camping units or between a camping unit and a tent shall be at least 4 meters. By camping unit, it meant caravan or motorhome including any awning (or similar). The camping unit must be located at least 2 meters from the site boundary both laterally and backward. It is your responsibility as a camping guest to ensure that the distances to your neighbors are kept. If this is not followed, the entire camping unit must be moved so that the 2 meter limit to the plot limit is met. (Parking space may be closer than 2 meters from site boundary)

10. Safety distance or time regulations that are not followed
If the guest fails to leave the site/cabin at the correct time and to place the unit correctly on the site after a request from the camping host, the guest may be liable for compensation of SEK 1,500 per day.

11. Electricity
Electricity is included in the price for your stay and refers to the electricity used for caravans/motorhomes/tents and in the cabins. It is forbidden to charge your electric vehicle at the campsite or from your cabin. If the rule is not followed, a fee of SEK 1,000 will be charged.

12. Force Major
Strikes, lockouts, fires, explosions, wars, or similar war conditions, significant restrictions on deliveries or other circumstances beyond the supplier's control, entitle the supplier to cancel the contract without any obligation to pay damages.

13. What happens if we do not agree?
Please contact us directly with any complaints. Keep in mind that if you delay complaining, your chances of getting corrected may decrease. If we do not agree, you can contact the General Complaints Board.

14. Camping Key Europe card:
The camping guest must hold a valid Camping Key Europe with a valid year mark or a valid Camping-ID.

15. Processing of personal data
When booking, the traveler agrees that personal information may be processed by Falsterbo Resort AB. The purpose of this is to enable customary guest administration and to ensure that Falsterbo Resort has reliable personal documentation in the event of an accident and to administer and treat any damage. When booking, the guest receives a confirmation email.

16. Publication of images and films
The camping guest admits that he and the accompanying party will be able to be seen in films and photos within the camping area and that material is published on social media & for commercial purposes. Photos/films can be removed from social media if desired.